Four Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Disability Lawyer In Chicago

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Law Services

The majority of people pay into the Social Security system until they retire; then, they start receiving monthly benefits. However, if you become ill or injured during this time and can’t work, you will likely have to apply for disability. If you’re presently in this type of situation, it’s best to contact an experienced disability attorney in your area. Here’s why.

Determine Your Eligibility

An experienced disability lawyer in Chicago can determine whether you’re eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI. In most cases, you’ll have had to work at least nine out of the past 15 years to qualify for SSDI. If you don’t meet this criteria, you can still apply for Supplemental Security Income or SSI, which is more of a welfare version of disability insurance.

Assist With Paperwork

A disability lawyer will help you fill out the lengthy application form for your disability case. In most cases, your lawyer or a paralegal will fill the form out as he or she asks you questions about your medical condition, work history and current living situation. The attorney will then send your application form to the appropriate party at the Social Security Administration.

Relieves Stress

With an experienced disability lawyer in Chicago, you’ll have a legal representative who knows the disability process and what it takes to win. This will give you greater peace of mind.

Hearing Advocate

Your disability lawyer in Chicago will serve as your advocate at a hearing. This gives him or her the opportunity to cite specific examples from your medical file to prove your disability to a judge. Your attorney will also counter any arguments the vocational expert makes about your ability to still work certain jobs.

If you’ve recently become disabled and need a disability attorney, there are plenty of experienced ones in the Chicago area. Just select the one that will best represent you.

Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. always provides effective, aggressive and compassionate legal services for people with disabilities, and you can reach a company representative at 847-299-0008.

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