Four Advantages Of A Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Business

If you love watching the glow of a fireplace or sitting basking in its warmth but want it to be more efficient in spreading its warmth, it is the time you considered a zero clearance wood burning fireplace. This new generation of wood burning appliances offers you several advantages over the past line. They can provide you with exactly what you want and need. At the same time, you will not have to sacrifice your sense of esthetics unless you so desire.

Defining a Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

A zero clearance wood burning fireplace is one that is prefabricated. You can have it safely installed in your home even in close proximity to combustible material. You can easily install it on any floor of your home without the additional headaches of the large structural adjustments. This type of wood burning fireplace comes in a wide variety of styles and designs. You are sure to find one that will suit your preference. If not, you can arrange for a custom-designed one.

The Major Advantages of a Zero-Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

When it comes to installing a wood burning fireplace, the zero-clearance model is an excellent choice. It offers all purchasers a myriad of advantages. Among the top five are:

* Installation Costs: While you will require a professional to install it, you will not have to add on a room, build a chimney or hire a construction crew to make major changes to your home to accommodate it. This reduces the cost in comparison to a conventional fireplace and the ease and reduced time spent installing this type of fireplace makes the entire process cost-effective.
* Space Occupied: Zero clearance wood burning fireplaces do not have a venting system that is costly. Their prefabricated structure is highly insulated. This allows placement of them almost anywhere – even in those odd shaped or, until now, inconvenient corners or spaces.
* Operation and Maintenance: The word to describe the operation of a zero clearance wood burning fireplace is easy. This is how they are designed and how they function. Remote controls and even thermostats can make all the difference. You also have no chimney about which to worry. Maintenance, therefore, is low.
* Energy Efficient: The latest models of this type of fireplace are designed with energy efficiency in mind. As such, they can act as an alternate heat source.
* Variety: Unlike many fireplaces, the zero clearance wood burning fireplace comes in a wide variety of designs. The higher quality models come beautifully crafted to fit in with your existing décor. Whether you prefer rustic or modern, there is a fireplace to suit your sense of style.

The Zero-Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

If you are searching for a less expensive means of providing the warmth, elegance and sensation of a fireplace to your home, you can do so without the costs associated with one. Instead of building a fireplace, you can choose the modern alternative. In opting for a zero-clearance wood burning fireplace, you will be able to enjoy many of the benefits of a traditional fireplace without the issues so often associated with one.

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