Follicular Unit Extraction: An Improved Hair Replacement Method in Dallas

One of the more recent developments in hair transplantation is the follicular unit extraction procedure, or FUE. It has distinct advantages compared with the traditional hair follicle strip harvesting method, although both techniques involve moving hair from one part of the scalp to another. This type of Hair Replacement in Dallas is available from qualified medical doctors.

Minimal Scarring

FUE is used for male pattern hair loss, a condition that typically leaves a ring of hair around a bald area on top of the head. Many men have relatively thick hair where the follicles continue to function normally. One major issue with strip harvesting is the scarring where the hair has been removed. The scars can be covered by growing the hair long enough, but that is less appealing to men who like to wear their hair short.

In contrast, Hair Replacement in Dallas with the FUE method leaves minimal scars that can barely be seen. Men can keep their hair very short if they want to.

Less Discomfort and Faster Recovery

In addition, the traditional method of hair transplanting is significantly more uncomfortable, and recovery takes much longer. The process is faster because so many follicles are transferred at the same time, but that is not much of an advantage considering the positive aspects of FUE.

Getting Started

Hair should begin growing from the transplanted follicles after around four months. The procedure can be completed at YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa, which provides information at the website.