Fluctuating Heating Oil Prices in Norwich CT Can Cause Problems for Low-Income Families

Fluctuating Heating Oil Prices in Norwich CT can be problematic for people with a low income. They typically can’t pay for the season’s heat up front and lock in a price that way. They may not even be able to get on an automatic delivery schedule if they aren’t sure they can pay for automatic delivery in a timely manner. These homeowners often monitor the gauge and call for service when the level gets low. That gives them time to space out deliveries long enough for them to have money to buy oil.

Sometimes the oil level gets too low for comfort at a time when regular delivery service isn’t available quickly. Homeowners may have needed to wait until the next payday to schedule an appointment, but now it’s Friday and the temperatures have turned bitterly cold. Fortunately, there are solutions to get the family through this without having to pay for an emergency oil delivery. It’s important not to let the tank run dry. Otherwise, a technician must be called in to safely start the oil burner again, which may require bleeding air from the line. There is an extra charge for this service.

Some companies will send an employee during normal business hours with a container of oil for the tank. That might be 5 or 10 gallons, an amount that should get the family through the weekend as long as they are reasonable about where they set the thermostat.

Another option would be for someone in the house to bring an approved container to a gas station and buy that much diesel fuel for the furnace. Diesel fuel can substitute for heating oil because they are basically the same substance. Heating oil has added red dye to distinguish it from diesel since Heating Oil Prices in Norwich CT are significantly lower than diesel fuel. That’s because the government taxes fuel for vehicles at a relatively high level.

Heating oil companies put forth the effort to help their low-income customers get through long, cold winters. They can provide information on energy assistance and other possible sources of help. People who are interested in a company like Andersen Oil Co. may check out this site for contact information.