FL General Contractor Constructs Commercial Properties in 18 States

Brick-and-mortar structures still have a place in the world. Where would humans be financially and psychologically without restaurant franchises, retail shopping centers, hotels, luxury resorts, and other places? Commercial general contractors make the building of these structures possible.

What These Contractors Do

Businesses of this type handle large projects from concept to finish. They aim to keep the project on budget and on time. Clients get frequent updates. The areas of concentration for general contractors include land preparation, laying foundations, carpentry, electricity, drywall, flooring, and painting.

General contractors employ architects, technicians in many specialties, designers, project managers, and subcontractors. A goal in the job of a general contractor for businesses is to ensure that job sites are safe. In addition to guarding workers, another benefit of a safe workplace is keeping keeps projects on time.

General contractors working in the commercial sector plan carefully regarding personal protective equipment, fall protection, trenches, cranes, and other equipment. In addition, chemical, electrical and other hazards are among their concerns.

By choosing a general contractor that specializes in commercial projects, liability responsibilities shift to the contractor. When your contractor corrects and pays for any mistakes, you save money.

Williams & Rowe started as a painting company in 1958. Now it’s a general contractor that is certified in Florida and 17 other states. When you want to discuss your project with a commercial general contractor that has experience and professionalism, contact Williams & Rowe Co. Inc. at web.com.