Fixing Cranky Computer Printers

It has happened to all of us. You need to print some documents from your computer, but your printer is not cooperating. You know your printer was working fine the last time you used it, but now it is refusing to print anything. You’ve checked all the cords, and everything is plugged in properly.  You have already checked and replaced the inkjet printer cartridges, and you know that is not the problem.  These issues can be very frustrating.  Don’t give up hope yet.  The problem with your printer might be related to your printer drivers.  Sometimes when a computer updates, it can cause issues with printer drivers.  You might need to update your drivers to get the printer working again.

Reinstalling The Drivers

If the printer drivers have gotten overwritten or corrupted, you might just need to reinstall them.  The first thing you can try is unplugging your printer from the printer to the computer and plugging it back in.  This might cause your computer to detect your printer.  It will see it as “new hardware” and might be able to install new drivers that way.  If you still have the CDs that came with your printer, they will have the drivers on them.  If unplugging and re-plugging the printer cord didn’t do the trick, you can try installing the drivers from the CD.

Downloading New Drivers

If you don’t have an install CD, or those drivers aren’t working, you might need to download new drivers.  The manufacturer of your printer will usually have drivers and updates available for download on their website.  They will probably have search tools to help locate the correct drivers.  Download the newest drivers for your specific printer and operating system from the manufacturer’s website.  The easiest way to find them would probably be to download the drivers straight onto your desktop.  Once you have downloaded the new drivers, double-clicking on the driver icon should bring up the install wizard for the drivers.

The Nuclear Option

If none of those steps helped any in getting your printer working, there is another thing that might work.  This should probably only be used as a last resort, however.  If you desperately need your printer to work right now, you might get it working by restoring your system from a backup.  If you have system restore points set up on your computer, and you know that in the past your printer was working fine, you can use “system restore” to try to get your printer working again.  Be advised, that you might lose configurations and data by reverting your computer to a previous restore point.

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