Five Rules for Dating as a Single Parent

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Matchmaking

Whenever you have a child or children of your own, getting back into the dating game can be difficult. However, following a set of fair rules may ease the transition and make the process simpler for your child. Unless he or she is far too young to have an opinion, you must put your child’s thoughts at the top of your priority list and really listen to him or her as you move into the world of dating.

Creating a Family

Unlike dating as a person without a child, you cannot afford to just walk into a relationship without commitment established from the start. Remember that children require stability to thrive and develop a mature understanding of the world and moving from one man or woman to the next could damage their progress. Children may feel some insecurity about your new relationship with another person and you need to assure them that you care about their needs.

Avoid Introducing your child too soon

Although you can never guarantee that the person you meet after starting to date is the best option for you, you should try to avoid quick turn-around. As mentioned, this can be confusing and stressful for your child as well as to your own mental stability and potentially cause unrest in the household.


Smart single parents take the time to seriously look at themselves before they consider dating. Look at the motives behind your decision, consider your fears, and try to understand and come to terms with any residual hurt from your divorce. When you are truly ready for dating, you will know it.

Ask Questions

Many parents take the time to have a serious conversation with their children about the possibility of them dating. Ask your child a number of “what if” questions such as “What if I began dating? How would that make you feel?” Engage in this conversation periodically to learn how your child’s opinions can change and evolve.

Be Honest

Parents who hide that they are dating from their children could cause undue stress. Children, even those of young ages, notice when you begin behaving differently and they may come up with any number of untrue explanations for the change. By being honest, you could get a real idea of their opinions and make dating easier on the household.

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