Five Myths about Heating Oil Prices in Norwich, CT Debunked

There are many rumors and myths out there regarding the use of heating oil for home and business heating. However, while there are many myths, they are all very easily debunked. Oil heating is one of the best options for household and business heating for many reasons. You can save money, heat your home more efficiently, and even reduce your environmental impact.

The important thing to remember is that the facts matter. Here are five myths about heating oil and heating oil prices in Norwich, CT debunked.

Heating Oil Is Expensive

The cost of heating oil has actually gone down over the past few decades, and it is now much more affordable. In fact, around 8.6 million households in the United States use oil to heat their homes. Heating oil prices have become more and more affordable in recent years.

Heating Oil Has Serious Environmental Consequences

Compared to forty years ago, fuel oil burns over 95 percent more efficiently. This results in using substantially less oil, curbing emissions greatly. Oil heating systems have been modified to help reduce emissions, which reduces the environmental impact considerably.

Heating Oil Isn’t Renewable

As the oil heating industry grows and advances, the industry is quickly moving towards fuel blends that contain more renewable resources. In the future, oil fuel blends are expected to become the best heating option with the least emissions, while maintaining the current low heating oil prices.

There Are Fewer Standards for Fuel Oil

The quality of fuel oil is relative to where it came from. However, heating oil is held to higher standards which means it burns cleaner. This in turn means a reduced environmental impact and low Norwich heating oil prices.

Also, fuel oil is rated by The American Society of Testing and Materials on a standardized scale. There are five basic grades of fuel, and heating oil must be at least a No. 2. Flashpoint, sediment, and sulfur content are all tested during the rating process