First Dimension Gymnastic After School Programs in Fairfield CT Open Up New Fun Outlets

Children are striving for an outlet. Parents are often stressed juggling work, family, and parenting. That can leave a small amount left over for extracurricular activities for children. Many sports are time-consuming.

After school programs may be wonderful in theory, but they do require a time commitment. This is why many parents are choosing after school programs that are easy to manage and reasonable to fit into a family schedule. First Dimension is a gymnastics program for children five and older. It is usually just for five and six-year-olds because the students who are seven and older will graduate to the second dimension class. That makes this First Dimension class accessible and easy for children to get into.

Networking with Parents

Gymnastics after school programs in Fairfield CT allows parents to connect with other working and busy parents. It is a team effort. Parents can rely on each other to make sure practices are met in time. The children get a funny and unique outlet that they can all manage.

Casual Energy, 5 Year Olds

At 5, the energy is typically a lot more casual. The program is teaching the very basics of gymnastics. There is no worrying about high competition and stress that could come from other sports- even at 5. The class begins with basic motor skills in gymnastics, such as cartwheels and handstands. The progress is subtle enough for the children to slowly reveal how much better they are getting at these fun activities.

It is not about skill, especially at this level. Any child can learn simple and safe rolls. They will easily be able to replicate these tasks at home, which allows the after school program to be easily carried back to the house without missing a beat. Contact Us for more on the various community after school programs. Gymnastics is one of many. Its easy to do, obviously exciting for children at five, and a fun way to carry out the later afternoon. It also lacks the stress that comes with developing a child in an active time-consuming sport. Gymnastics begins at First Dimension, and can easily develop to something wonderful for the children that attach to it.