Fire sprinkler Inspections in NJ

Fire sprinkler inspections in NJ are critical to ensuring the safety or your home and of the public in commercial spaces. Most jurisdictions in NJ have specific guidelines for fire sprinkler inspections in NJ area especially for commercial properties.

Following the Guidelines

To ensure that you are complying at minimum you will need to have inspections done by a contractor that is qualified and experienced in inspections. Each jurisdiction has their own regulations when it comes to inspections, but they all require that the inspections are done by someone with experience. In some cases, depending on the equipment requirements and local jurisdiction rules your sprinkler system may have to be inspected:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • Every 5 years

One of the best ways to become familiar with the rules and to ensure you are complying is to talk to a professional sprinkler contractor. They will be able to provide you with a suggested schedule of inspections based on your location and your equipment needs.

The Repercussions

Each locality has different penalties for not having the inspections done according to schedule. Those penalties can include fines and other measures. The goal is to keep people safe, municipalities take fire prevention very seriously. The penalties can also be very serious when property owners are not in compliance.

The Benefits of Inspections

Of course, compliance is not the only driving force behind getting your inspections done. A sprinkler system that is regularly inspected is a sprinkler system you can rely on for protection should a fire breakout. Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. can manage your system needs, including performing certified inspections. They will be able to quickly get the inspection done, make note of any needed repairs and get the repairs done. Don’t delay in getting your sprinkler system inspections done.