Finding Gerber Knives That Are Perfect for EDC or Any Occasion

Since Gerber Legendary Blades has been in business so long, they’ve been able to put together a wide variety of different styles. You can find tactical Gerber knives for sale as well as those that are designed for particular outdoor activities. Naturally, they’ve become extremely popular with collectors and individuals that practice everyday carry.

While they’re normally considered too collectible to be used for some purposes, there’s no reason that you can’t find a Gerber knife that’s great for the kind of work you do. Many people search out Gerber blades only to find that these collectible blades are actually much more practical than they might have otherwise realized.

Gerber was the first major cutlery brand to collaborate with a custom blade maker, and they’ve maintained this sort of exclusivity ever since. That being said, they also have a number of different styles that are perfect for those who need a folding sheath knife for EDC activities. Gerber has produced several models that are perfect for people who would like to keep a knife in their pocket at all times.

Perhaps most notably, you can find both fixed blade and folding Gerber knives for sale. That makes the brand attractive to those who need more than one type of knife for different activities. Nevertheless, they have designed some outdoor-related styles that should be ideal for almost any occasion. Aircrew survival and egress knives from Gerber have proven especially popular with collectors of these kinds of blades.

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