Finding A Qualified Social Security Law Firm

The law is extremely complicated and diverse. There are lawyers that spend their entire career helping people buy and sell property, and there are other lawyers that spend their days in courtrooms defending people accused of heinous crime. Knowing this, it is important to know how to find a qualified, experienced and professional Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge.

Unlike a criminal case, a person applying for Social Security disability benefits does not need an attorney to represent him or her. However, statistics do show that applicants that are represented by experienced lawyers are more likely to be approved for their much-needed benefits; this is especially true if the case goes through to a hearing. If you chose to hire a lawyer, here are a few things that will help you choose the right person.

   * Professional and courteous: Pay particular attention to how you are treated by the lawyer and staff members. There is no getting away from the fact that Social Security law firms are busy places but this should never reflect in the way you are treated.

   * Access to a lawyer: Don’t be surprised or upset if you don’t get a chance to speak directly with a lawyer when you first contact the firm. In many cases your initial call will be fielded by a knowledgeable staff member, and this is because the lawyers are often in hearings with other clients.

   * Promises: Professional ethics will not let a lawyer make any guarantees that he or she will win the case for you. A good lawyer can however provide you with an honest assessment of your chances of winning your cases once he or she is aware of the facts.

A good Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge will have an enviable track record; don’t hesitate to ask what percentage of their cases they have won at the hearing level and whether they win full or partial benefits.

If you are looking for a Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.