Finding A Childhood Therapist; Getting A Head-start On Good Mental Health

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Health

Mental health is important for everyone, regardless of age and there’s never a bad time to start looking after it. A childhood therapist can aid a child’s future development by helping to deal with trauma, behaviour issues, adoption issues, and much more.

A therapist will always understand that each child and each family will be a unique case and will tailor their treatment to achieve the best results.

Is therapy too serious for a child?

Childhood therapists use methods such as Theraplay throughout Asheville, NC, which is both effective and joyful.  Theraplay is a structured form of play therapy that can help to improve a child’s behaviour, as well as their emotional state. It allows the child and parent/guardian to bond as they play and have fun together, but with serious benefits developing as it will help the child with attachment, self-esteem, and trusting others.

A childhood therapist can also back up their treatment with The Safe And Sound Protocol, which is a program that, through listening to a series of carefully selected series of musical pieces and sounds, can reduce anxiety and change how a child can react to traumatic memory triggers.

Can it benefit the parents too?
Sessions can be run for the entire family where, as well as bonding through Theraplay, parents in Asheville NC will also look at their experience of being parented and how they, in turn, relate to their child and how that affects their relationships.

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