Find the Best School to Prepare for the CDL Permit Test in Illinois

Truck drivers are in demand nationwide. Estimates of the shortfall range as high as 35,000 and the industry forecasts an increase in available jobs annually. As the nation’s economy improves the need for goods to be transported is growing with it. Trucking companies are competing for trained drivers by offering signing bonuses, increased pay and more attractive routes.

Truck driving schools are located in every state, and spaces are available now for those looking for training. Prospective students should do their homework before choosing a school, however, as all schools are not equal. Several factors come into play when selecting the right school.

  • Cost. There will be slight differences in cost, but care should be taken making a selection on cost alone.
  • Reputation. It is not difficult to research the reputation of a school, both from former students and from industry sources.
  • Location. Driving further to attend a higher-regarded school is worth the time and expense.
  • Driving time. Driving time varies from school to school, and more is always better.
  • Experienced instructors. Most states set minimum experience but as with driving time, more is always better.

These are only a few of the considerations which should be taken into account before enrolling. Others may include the length of the training, whether grants, scholarships or another financial assistance is available or waiting time for a training slot. A final check should be to determine the overall success of trainees from individual schools. For instance, the CDL Permit Test in Illinois can be queried as to the pass rate for specific schools. This single factor may outweigh all of the others in selecting training.

The Star Truck Driving School has multiple locations in Illinois, and has successfully trained over 13,000 drivers in its 20-year history. Their website is website, where additional information and advice on how to choose the right school can be found. Star is the number one school in pass rate for CDL Permit Test in Illinois, and has a reputation throughout the Midwest.

Driving a truck is not for everyone, but the work is steady, the pay adequate and the lifestyle fits many. In a recovering economy jobs in the industry are growing faster than the supply of operators, which means better pay and better benefits for truckers. Find a school today.

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