Faucet Installation

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When you own a home, you should have access to a Park Ridge plumbing company regularly. While you may have the ability to make minor plumbing repairs such as unplugging a toilet, it is better to call a plumber for complex problems. If the faucet in a kitchen or bathroom sink is broken, then it requires a replacement. While a faucet may look simple on the outside, it is made from numerous parts. To make it easier to have a faucet that works and looks beautiful, contact a plumber to install one of these devices. The plumber will have the tools to remove the old faucet before installing the new one.

Determine What Is Wrong with a Water Heater

If you have a water heater that is malfunctioning, then you need to call a Park Ridge plumbing technician. A plumber understands how to work with electrical wires and natural gas lines to avoid any problems. He can use diagnostic tools to determine what is wrong with the water heater’s mechanisms to plan a fast repair. After examining the thermostat, valves or tank, the plumber may determine that the water heater is not repairable, but he can drain the appliance before installing a new one so that you have hot water again.

Have a New Bathtub Installed

A bathroom’s bathtub will last for many years, but eventually, the fixture will degrade, requiring a new installation. A Park Ridge plumbing company has a team of plumbers who can install a heavy bathtub in your home’s bathroom. This complicated job requires removing the old bathtub, replacing the ancient pipes and faucets along with adding an attractive tub surround with durable caulking. The professional plumbers will work carefully to avoid damaging the walls or floors of your home. Click here for more details about the plumbing services.

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