FAQs About The Esthetician Program And Microdermabrasion In Courses

In Pennsylvania, esthetician programs prepare students for a career at local spas and wellness centers. These careers enable them to help clients improve the look and texture of their skin. These treatments eliminate common conditions such as sun damage and adverse skin conditions. Students who choose a career in esthetics start their careers with an annual salary of $28,640. The following are FAQs about the esthetician program and Microdermabrasion in Courses.

How Many Credit Hours are Required for Completion?

To complete the esthetics program, the students complete 325 credit hours. These credit hours are broken down into courses based on the type of services performed by an esthetician. The program requires the students to complete written and hands-on training for each selected service.

* Facial Treatments. The student must complete seventy hours of training for facial treatments. They learn how to exfoliate, cleanse, and extract during the procedure. They learn the benefits and steps for each facial treatment used to address skin conditions and the effects of aging.

* Skin Analysis and Assessments. They complete thirty hours of skin analysis and assessment training. They learn how to identify adverse skin conditions.

* Short-Term Hair Removal. The student completes ten hours of short-term hair removal training. The training includes waxing techniques for the face and body.

* Make-up Application Process. They complete fifty credit hours for make-up application processes. They learn techniques for covering skin imperfections and different make-up styles.

* Body Treatments and Skin Exfoliation. They complete ten hours of body treatments and fifteen hours of body treatments. This includes a variety of peels, wraps, and exfoliation techniques.

* Professional Services. They complete forty hours of professional practices and services training. They learn ethics and how to following laws for performing these treatments.

What Financial Aid is Available?

All accredited programs offer access to federal financial aid. However, select employers may offer paid training for technicians with interest in an esthetics career.

In Pensylvania, students who want to start a career in esthetics gain the right skills through an accredited program. The programs help them to learn how to complete a variety of procedures to improve the overall look of their client’s skin. Students who want to complete Microdermabrasion in Courses contact South Hills Beauty Academy today. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.