Facts and Concerns Dealing With Wood Flooring Refinishing in NYC

Repair and refinishing hardwood floors can be a challenge, but with appropriate preventive and technical maintenance measures, hardwood floors can be in as good condition as the first time you installed it. Some of the best hardwood floors, for example, have stood the test of time and have maintained themselves for decades, some even more than a century. If people take a look at old houses that still stand today, they will see how the hardwood floors have remained intact and stable over the years. This is mainly due to proper Wood Flooring Refinishing in NYC.

Therefore, if people want to enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of their hardwood floors, they must know how to properly take care of them so they do not succumb easily to wear. Because wood floors are organic and potentially decay, cleaning it on a regular basis is necessary. Hardwood floors, for example, are quite expensive but are durable if they are cared for and properly maintained. Usually, wood floors are covered with a natural wood paint or varnish which is covered with wax for a glossy finish. Other materials are also used, such as polyurethane, which is a mixture of plastic and can be oil or water-based. Most builders and owners prefer that water-based over oil when it comes to repairing floors. The water-based materials, however, require a number of layers to ensure a strong and pleasant bright finish.

There are several techniques available when it comes to Wood Flooring Refinishing in NYC. On the one hand, people should not use a damp cloth to clean flooring because moisture could damage the finish. If the floor has been waxed and coated with a finish, there is no reason to worry about water that seeps into the wood. But if it’s been a while since the floor has been restored, then people should be careful to use a dry and soft cloth to polish. When it comes to sweeping, use brushes with large soft bristles, because they are the most effective when it comes to removing dirt and dust. For more details, contact New York Wood Flooring today.