Factors To Consider When Selling A Business

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Real Estate

All big decisions in life are made more difficult when aiming for the perfect timing. There is a long list of questions that runs in your head, weighing all the available options. Even after thorough research and study, people tend to doubt what might be the most profitable option to choose. But when it comes to selling a strong and profitable business you built from scratch, many questions will come tumbling forth. However, it is possible for all those questions to be answered positively if the sale is carefully planned and executed.

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* Sell into Positive Trend
Leverage the sizzle of your company’s story. Selling a company when it is deteriorating might seem to be the only choice, but that is unlikely to work to your advantage. Take additional time to project a pattern of growth and positive track record. Having positive results when you are marketing the business will positively affect the business. Sustain the progress for the time until you are ready to sell the business. The growth and positive news will fetch more than you were initially expecting.

* Stay aware of Market Conditions & Industry Trends
Mergers are more common in today’s corporate climate than ever before. The inflation is driving people to seek financial stability from other corporations in the industry. And if that seems to be the ongoing trend in your industry, then grab that opportunity as it might be your only chance of accentuating your company’s business and reputation. Know your industry as it can have a significant impact on the likelihood of a successful exit from the industry.

* Alignment of Shareholder Objectives
The exit process will be a waste of recourses and time if your shareholders are dedicated to this goal. It is essential that the objectives of all your shareholders must be aligned, or this will turn out to be a process that’s doomed to be a failure from the start. Take their feedback on what they expect and are they prepared to deal with the consequences if it is not successful. Ensure that everyone is realistic about the company’s valuation range.

* Be prepared for anything
There are underlying risks that are inherent in getting to the end of the sale process and completing the deal. Understand the whole process and be patient—in today’s market conditions, some deals are taking 17 months from finish to start. Don’t be discouraged by this and just make sure that you are meeting the buyer’s expectations.

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