Factors Impacting the Choice of Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There’s no doubt that the carpet could use a good cleaning. What remains to be decided is how the professional will go about the task. There are several factors that will influence which Carpet Cleaning Solutions the professional chooses to employ. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

The Types of Stains

With some carpets, there is nothing other than the typical dirt and grime to deal with. At other times, there may be residue from some type of wine or juice spill, accidents the pets had on the way to the back door, and a number of other issues. Before the main treatment can take place, the professional will want to engage in some spot cleaning. This may include using a special treatment on the worst spots, allowing the treatment to soak into the carpet fibers, then gently blotting the area before proceeding. Carpet Cleaning Solutions of this type make it easier to achieve a uniform look to the carpeting once the steam cleaning is done.

Considering the Carpet Fibers

What type of material is used for the carpeting? Are the fibers completely natural or are they blended with certain synthetics? Maybe the entire carpet is something like an olefin fiber. A professional can assess the fiber type before choosing a cleaning agent. This is important because the right product will lift the dirt and grime from the carpeting without causing any damage to the fiber or the color.

Shampooing or Steam Cleaning

The carpet cleaner can determine if using a shampoo machine rather than a steam cleaner is best for the carpet. This will depend on the fiber type, the kind of weave involved, and several other factors. In some cases, the professional may shampoo the carpet first and then go back over it with a steam cleaner for the best results.

Before deciding that the old carpet is too far gone to salvage, visit  today and arrange for a professional to take a look. What appears to be such a worthless mess to the novice may be nothing more than a routine cleaning job to the pro. Once the professional checks the carpeting and determines that it can be cleaned, step back and allow the pro to do the job. You can also follow them on Twitter.