Exploring nicotine EP and it practical uses

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Health

Nicotine is a substance that acts as a stimulant when taken into the body. It is found in large quantities in the tobacco plant, but it can also come from other sources. When non-tobacco products containing nicotine are made, they require a base that is very pure and is graded at nicotine EP level. Nicotine products requiring pure, pharmaceutical nicotine will need to have nicotine EP as a base.

Obtaining pure nicotine

Getting 100%, pure nicotine might be considered impossible or very difficult since all forms of nicotine are likely to have some type of impurities in them. Also nicotine is an alkaloid, and there are many other alkaloids found in the tobacco plant which also makes it challenging to obtain 100% pure nicotine. However getting pharmaceutical grade nicotine EP is the best way to get the purest form of nicotine available on the market today.

The best form of nicotine for e-cigarettes

Nicotine EP can be obtained for use in electronic cigarettes. It is one of the best forms of nicotine for use in this application. Other products that use nicotine EP include nicotine patches, nicotine gum, e-cigarette liquids, and other nicotine replacement products. It is essential to find the highest quality source of high-grade nicotine to guarantee the success of your production.

Find a trusted supplier

When it comes to purchasing nicotine, it is of utmost importance to find a trusted supplier who can guarantee the purity, and safety of the nicotine you are obtaining from them. Your customer’s health will be on the line when it comes to product safety and this means that your business will also be on the line. For this reason, it is important to source the highest quality nicotine EP from a supplier that operates under the most stringent quality control standards.

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