Expert Tips on Buying Bitcoins With Your Personal Credit Card

When it comes to buying Bitcoins, most everyone is a tad new to the game. There are several different ways of buying them, but one of the most popular ways is by using a credit card. If you have never purchased Bitcoin before, or at least have never tried to buy BTC with a credit card, here are the steps to do so safely and securely.

Create Your Account

The first thing you will have to do is to create your account on whichever website you are buying the Bitcoins. This generally entails providing the site your name, email address, a password of your choosing, and reading and agreeing to the terms of service of said company.


After creating your account, you will need to verify your email address by responding to a special message the company will send and after that is complete, they will generally need to verify your phone number by sending a code via text message that you will have to input on a special verification screen. You will also need to verify your actual identity by uploading any requested documents the company may require.

Add Card

The final step to buy BTC with a credit card is to add your credit card to your account profile. This typically takes a matter of seconds and after this step is completed, you can purchase as much Bitcoin as the company or your credit card will allow.

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