Essential Information For Obtaining A Maryland MMJ Card

While the wait for people in Maryland for legalized medical marijuana has been longer than in many other states, it is now a possibility. Medical marijuana (MMJ) is available for patients with qualifying medical or psychological conditions. However, patients do need to attend an appointment with a certified Maryland licensed cannabis doctor who has completed the state required training to evaluate the use of the drug based on the needs of the patient.

Each patient in the state must have an MMJ card, which is sometimes called an MMCC ID card, and that is obtained by the process outlined in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Law. MMCC is the acronym for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the government entity in charge of the regulation of medical marijuana in the state.

For those traveling into Maryland, an MMJ card from another state cannot be used at a dispensary in this state.

Starting Online

Thanks to the ability to provide secure information through online websites, it is now possible to register with the state online to obtain a patient number. The approval for the patient number comes from the MMCC.

The application is done online and is a relatively short form to complete. First, patients need to create an account. It is essential to fill in all areas of the form and provide all necessary information.

This also means providing copies of medical records to verify the qualifying condition. Some patients may have multiple conditions that qualify for the use of medical marijuana in the state. Provide as much information as possible, starting with the most current medical information from your doctor or treatment provider.

Once you have applied for the MMCC patient ID number, it is possible to see the practitioner to obtain the necessary written certification for the use of cannabis for a medical condition. When this is completed, a patient can use this documentation to fill a prescription while waiting for their MMJ card.