Ensure the Hot Water is on Tap With Quality Water Heater Repair in Charlotte NC

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Plumbing and Plumbers

One of the benefits to modern conveniences is a steady supply of hot water. Sometimes, people become complacent about common amenities and take them for granted. That is until something fails and it is time to fix the problem. The most common concerns with heated water systems is a faulty tank or the failure to heat the water properly. This usually results in the need for water heater repair in Charlotte NC. Sometimes, it is easy to tell if the water heater is at fault. For instance, an electric water heater has safety features that trip off the flow of power in case of problems. These safety features include the switch on the thermostat and one that shuts off the device if a short develops with the heating elements.

Another concern with an electric water heater is the replacement of broken heating elements. Most electric units follow a specific standard for the element and thermostat. This means that the building owner or manager can elect to fix the problem themselves. However, this can present a problem if they don’t have the right tools and perhaps, a bit of upper body strength.

When most repairs are attempted on an electric unit, the plumber will need to turn off the electrical power and water supply to the tank. It is possible to change only the damaged element provided the thermostat that controls it is still working, but some people prefer to change everything at once. This step can be useful if the tank is old, especially in a hard water environment.

A gas-based system in need of Water Heater Repair in Charlotte NC will also require some extra steps for proper repair. For example, if the burner won’t light properly, it may be necessary to remove the device for cleaning and maintenance and this will require turning off the fuel. A carbon buildup in the combustion chamber can block the flow of gas to one or more of the burner outlets. This usually results in an uneven flame and a reduced heating capability. Other failures that a gas system might develop is a fault in the ignition system. A gas pilot light was once the common method for lighting the burner. However, electric ignition systems have become quite popular due to their safety features. To learn more about water heater failure, contact the experts at All About the Pipes Plumbing.

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