Electrifying Issues That Need Attention From Your Indianapolis Electrician

Electrician service in Indianapolis includes a wide variety of services. Those services that most need an electrician are the ones that are the most dangerous and most potentially lethal. These electrifying situations need immediate attention or you and everyone around you could be in real danger. Here are some of those electrifying situations and why they are so dangerous.

Bare Wires Poking out of Anywhere

Wires poking out of a ceiling fixture, wires poking out from behind a broken switch plate, or wires that have been exposed as a result of damage to an electrical switch box are all examples of what can lead to a very deadly situation. These wires should always be considered “live,” and thus they can hurt you and cause electrical burns and other injuries. An electrician’s service in Indianapolis can move the wires safely out of the way and tuck them into areas where they cannot be touched or cause harm.

Ungrounded Outlets Improperly Installed

Ungrounded outlets should never be installed near sources of water, such as near your kitchen sink or your bathroom tub. Worse still are the ungrounded outlets unwittingly installed improperly. Both are open invitations to deadly jolts of electricity if you touch or use them with wet hands or the item you plugin has water on the plug or cord. Your electrician can use a special tool to check the outlets in question to see if they are grounded or not, and if they are improperly installed. If any of the above apply to your home, contact Business Name. They are providing 25 years’ of industry experience to ensure that residents feel safe and secure in their homes.