Effective pest management tips for your home

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Pest Control

Pest control is nothing new; pest control has been a concern for as long as humans have inhabited the earth. From insects to rodents, chances are if it has more legs than you then you will not be its best friend. A homeowner has many options; there are baits, traps, insecticides, fumigation and of course; pest control experts who really know how to deal with these unwanted invaders. There are a number of effective pest management tips for your home, let’s look at a few.

The first thing that the homeowner needs to establish is the pest he or she is dealing with. It is fairly easy to identify a common pest such as a cockroach or mice, others are not so easy. This is why it is important that the house first be inspected for pests by a professional, these people can identify the pest, determine what damage has already taken place and the best approach to getting rid of them.

There are products available on the open market that is designed for homeowners who wish to try the DIY approach, rarely do these products work. One of the most effective pest management tips for your home is to work with professionals from the beginning. In many cases the methodology that the pros use is little different than what a homeowner would use, the big difference is in the chemicals that are not available to those outside the pest control industry. A professional has the knowledge, the chemicals and the techniques, all of these allow the pest control expert to determine precisely what methods are best suited to eradicate the pest in question.

If the pest is a rodent the pest control professional will often rely on using bait. Baits can be used indoors or outdoors, they are placed strategically, leading the pest to a trap after which it is eliminated.

For serious problems the house may have to be enclosed in a tent. This is a complex procedure that is often called for if the solution is to fumigate the premises with a control chemical which is poisonous to the pest. A less dramatic approach is to spray insecticide throughout the home, often this entails spraying each room around the perimeter or where it is known that the pests are located.

As all the chemicals used to control pests can be dangerous in the hands of those who do not know the proper way to use them, it is best to leave effective pest management in your home up to the professionals.

There are many effective pest management tips for your home but perhaps the best one is to turn over the problem to the professionals at RIP Integrated Pest Management Services.

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