Does Your Terrazzo Floor Need Restoration?

Terrazzo can last centuries and is a relatively low-maintenance surface, but there can be times when terrazzo floors need restoration to retain its beauty. If you are unsure whether the floor needs to be restored or simply cleaned, it might be best to ask a professional who works with terrazzo and who is not trying to upsell you on any item that does not keep first in mind the beauty of the floor.

  1. Clean it first. If your terrazzo floor looks tired and even beaten up in places, sometimes a good clean with a special terrazzo floor cleaner can help restore its sheen. It is always worth trying cleaning the floor first before leaping to the restoration process, which does cost money and uses special equipment.
  2. Carpet. One of the most common reasons to restore a terrazzo floor is when the previous owner of a home had covered up the floor with carpet. A carpet can damage the terrazzo by creating holes from carpet nails, and those holes will need to be repaired and the floor’s finish will need to be restored to its rightful shine–and will hopefully never be carpeted ever again.
  3. Age. Terrazzo is built to last, which is why you can still walk on centuries-old terrazzo in Italy. However, the older the floor, the more its surface will become dull and worn down from use and the elements. If you are restoring an old terrazzo floor that does not have any serious cracks or problems, then all you will need to do is request a professional polishing process.
  4. Natural disaster. If you live in an area prone to storms and flooding, then the terrazzo could have become a casualty. Usually the damage is not too bad and can easily be fixed via the restoration process involving polishing.