Do You Need Your Own Car When You Rent an Off-Campus Student Apartment?

Renting UNC Chapel Hill apartments is a great way to get some living experience and prepare yourself for living on your own. But since you’re so close to the campus, do you need to own a vehicle when you rent a student apartment? Or can you wait until you’ve completed your studies to splurge on a new vehicle?

Do You Need Your Own Car to Rent a Student Apartment?

If possible, owning your own car is the best option. You’ll need to get yourself to campus and back every day, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to hitch a ride from your roommates. However, if buying a car isn’t feasible right now, there are other ways to get to class.

Some student housing apartments offer a private shuttle bus that transports students to and from the campus every day. This is a great resource for people who don’t own their own vehicle. However, you’ll have to look up the bus schedule and make sure you can make it to class on time. And if you miss the bus, you’ll have to wait for the next one, which means you might be late for your class.

The Lark Chapel Hillwebsite offers more information on UNC Chapel Hill apartments. You can look at the map, learn about their private shuttle bus and see if renting a student apartment is the best option for you. You can also check out the photo gallery and read about the various amenities.