Discussing A Product’s Liability Claim With A Personal Injury Law Firm In Northampton, MA

In Massachusetts, consumers are protected against unethical manufacturers. When consumers become injured, they maintain the right to file a lawsuit based on the statute of limitations. The statute in Massachusetts is three years from the day the injury occurred. A Personal Injury Law Firm in Northampton MA represents these victims.

Working with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency provides help with claims against manufacturers. The victim must file a report with the agency to identify the exact product and what happened. The agency investigates the claim to determine if the product is dangerous. They also determine if the consumer followed the directions and warnings on the product’s packaging.

Investigating the Identified Product

An investigation of the product itself is filed when the product is deemed dangerous. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has the authority to acquire the plans for the product and a sample of the product. They test the product to determine the origin of the circumstances that caused the injuries. They also define whether or not the manufacturer was aware of the flaw or defect before they released the product. This knowledge could indicate negligence.

The Product Recall

Products that are proven dangerous are recalled. During a recall, the manufacturer must perform a repair for the products purchased or provide a refund to consumers. During the recall, the products are removed from the shelves of retailers to reduce the potential for more injuries.

When a Class Action Lawsuit is Probable

A class action lawsuit is probable when multiple victims are discovered. This opportunity allows for the grouping of litigants based on the severity of their injuries. This could help those with life-threatening conditions acquire funds quickly. It could also cut down the amount of time needed to present the case to the court.

In Massachusetts, consumers can enforce their rights after suffering an injury while using any product. Their rights are defined under consumer protection laws that prevent unethical manufacturers to release dangerous products. Consumers who need assistance through a Personal Injury Law Firm in Northampton MA should contact Daniel and Fontaine LLC for more information today. You can visit them on Twitter for more information.