Different Ways to Restore Terrazzo Flooring

There are several different ways to restore your terrazzo floors to their former glory. Here’s a look at how:

DIY Solution

This is when you take on the job of yourself. With plenty of Do-It-Yourself sites and videos to walk you through the entire process, it can be a thrilling home project for you. From preparing the floor and grinding to patching up and polishing the surface, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a job well done. However, this isn’t a good fit for first-timers so you’ll need to have a bit of experience before you take this on. You don’t have to buy a grinder too. Just rent one out, it’ll be more cost-effective that way.

Professional Services

Another way to restore your floors is to go for professional services. If you want convenience over the cost, then this is a good bet for you. If you don’t have a DIYer’s soul and can’t tell a terrazzo flooring from marble, then it’s best to let the pros handle it for you. All you have to do is call in and schedule for a consult. They’ll take a look at your floor and give you an estimate on how long the job would take. Once the work starts, you won’t have to worry about anything. You’ll just have to wait and see until everything’s done. If that’s the kind of convenience that works for you, then this is a sound option.

Mix of the Two

You could save up on costs by doing some of the work yourself. You could prepare the floor. Scrub it clean and make sure there aren’t anything in the room. Take out all the furniture and appliances and move them elsewhere. Then protect your walls with waterproof covering. This can help you lower costs while you hire a team of terrazzo flooring pros to restore your flooring for you.