Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago as an Alternative to Contact Lenses Causing Dry Eyes

Many people who have enjoyed wearing contact lenses most of the time find that certain environments make their eyes feel dry and uncomfortable with those lenses in place. This can be a significant problem when the environment is a work setting. Offices with dry air and manufacturing plants with a certain level of dust can cause problems. Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago helps these individuals feel better about needing to wear glasses when they’re at work instead of the contacts they prefer. They know they look attractive and fashionable with the stylish frames and a lens shape that is flattering to their face shape.

Some individuals have problems with contact lenses when they work on a computer for many hours in a row. The air in the building doesn’t even have to be excessively dry for these people to develop dry eyes. Computer users generally blink less often than is otherwise normal, and blinking is important for keeping eyes moist. In fact, research has shown that computer users who wear contacts are four times more likely to have dry eyes than people who wear glasses. Dry eyes and the associated discomfort can lead to eyestrain and headaches. The eyes may feel fatigued and sore. This can lead the person to feel tired in general. Aside from using wetting drops frequently, it’s difficult to resolve problems with dry eyes in the workplace without switching to glasses. You can click here to get more details.

Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago makes that option easier since the individual has so many possibilities from which to choose. Frames are not limited as they were many years ago. Customers can choose frames that are currently in vogue or decide on something that is known to be an upcoming trend.

A person even has the option of picking out frames that aren’t currently among the most popular, but that he or she knows look attractive because of facial shape, general skin tone, hair color and hairstyle. Some individual prefer to go against any prevailing trends and establish their own personal and unique style. A business such as Tropical Optical Corp can help them do that.