Dedicated Server Web Hosting: Do You Need to Upgrade?

When it comes to web hosting, there have never before been so many options available. While hosting your website on a shared server can be a great way to get your content online at a low cost, there are other options available. Dedicated server web hosting, in particular, provides a number of benefits. Here are a few situations that might lead to you choose or upgrade to dedicated server web hosting.

Performance is Critical

Shared servers typically offer excellent latency and performance, and most feature excellent uptime ratings. However, shared servers, by their design, share resources, and their performance is often less predictable than dedicated server web hosting. While occasional slowdown can be fine for most websites, some fields demand even greater reliability. With a dedicated server, you can ensure that your content is delivered quickly.

Greater Flexibility

Shared hosts have to place certain restrictions on use to ensure everyone using the server has a similar level of performance. While these restrictions aren’t particularly relevant to most websites, they can provide limitations, especially for larger sites. Upgrading to dedicated server web hosting typically leaves you with fewer limits, giving you more options for expanding your website over time.


Having proper support is essential for maintaining your website, and prompt support can ensure any problems you encounter are resolved quickly. The price of dedicated servers often includes a higher tier of support, giving you peace of mind that your website will be serviced promptly if you encounter problems. Even outside of performance benefits, the increased price of dedicated hosting is often worth spending for better support alone.

Shared web hosting is a great place to start if you want to launch a website. In fact, many website operators will never need to upgrade to dedicated server web hosting. However, it’s worth taking some time to re-examine your website on occasion to examine if an upgrade would be beneficial.

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