Deciding Upon A Hammertoes Treatment in Bolingbrook IL

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Podiatrist

Hammertoes Treatment in Bolingbrook IL fall under three categories, which are preventative, symptomatic, and curative. Deciding upon treatment depends on early diagnosis, the severity of the condition, and the level of commitment on the part of the patient. Early diagnosis by a podiatrist, such as those found at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates, can mean beginning treatment at the preventative stage. This is ideal because treatments can be simple, cost-effective, and eliminate the need for further intervention. Hammertoes are a contracture of the toes caused by the imbalance between the tendons of the top of the toe and the bottom of the toe.

Calf stretching exercises, when done regularly, can compensate for the imbalance and help keep tendons flexible. That prevents contracture and eliminates discomfort and pain. Functional orthotic inserts, developed specifically for each patient, can also prevent hammertoes from becoming severe and painful. Symptomatic Hammertoes Treatment in Bolingbrook IL address conditions that develop as a result of the pressure that accompanies hammertoes. Open-toed shoes, closed shoes with an upper made of flexible mesh material, and a wide toe box are some ways to relieve the pressure on the toes. Over-the-counter (OTC) hammertoe pads can help alleviate the burning sensation that comes from friction. Corns and calluses can develop as the result of hammertoes, so pads to cushion those are also helpful. There are mild acids that can dissolve corns and calluses, but they should not be used by people with poor circulation, those with diabetes, or in between toes at all. It is wise to consult the podiatrist before trying OTC remedies. Click here for more information on Hammertoes.

Curative Hammertoes Treatment in Bolingbrook IL are needed when tendons have become rigid, contractures become severe, or other methods of treatment are no0 longer effective. The least intrusive of the curative treatments is a tendon release in the toe. It can be done on just one or two toes, or on the entire foot, depending on the severity. Removing a small section of bone often relieves the tension and allows the tendon to relax. Putting a pin into the toe to hold it in place is another option. Fusing toes together is a treatment that is used as a last resort when all other measures have been exhausted. For more details contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Bolingbrook IL.

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