Custom Hoodies In Kansas City, MO – Screen Print or Embroidery?

Customized clothing is becoming more and more popular. In a city like Kansas City, MO (a popular tourist destination), there are many places that offer customized clothing. There are many places that offer customizable clothing options. You can easily choose between screen printing and embroidery. Both have their pros and cons.

If you are thinking of getting custom hoodies in Kansas City, MO, there are many places that offer such options. The weather of Kansas City, MO remains pleasant throughout the year. Hence, you can easily wear a hoodie any day of the year. A customized hoodie will set you apart from the crowd, and if you are running a business, will help you promote your brand.

But, before you order custom hoodies, it is important to consider the type of printing. You can either get a custom design screen print in Kansas City, MO or embroidered on the hoodie. The prices usually vary depending upon the type of design that you choose. However, if you are ordering in bulk, you will be eligible for discounts. Here are the main differences between screen printing and embroidery:


Embroidery is common because of the vast range of applications. You can get a design embroidered on t- shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, pants, hats, caps, hoodies, etc. However, embroidery pricing is charged based upon the total stitch count. The stitch count is directly affected by the size of the design itself. Hence, if the design is of a larger size, the overall price will be higher, and vice versa.

Embroidery is best for getting names, logos and smaller designs printed on the custom hoodies. For example, if you want a picture printed on the hoodie, selecting embroidery is not a wise option. Before the process is carried out, the image or logo to be printed is digitized and uploaded to the machine. From there, the design is embroidered on to the hoodie.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very different process. To screen print a design on a hoodie, the first thing to do is to provide an image to the company. Companies usually prefer vector images, or images with a very high resolution. The image is then uploaded to the screen printer and is processed accordingly. Different colored inks are used in screen printing.

Hence, the price of screen printing depends upon the amount of colors used. The size of the picture to be printed does not have much of an impact on the overall price. Before printing, the company provides virtual proof about the design. Once you are satisfied, the printing process begins. This is known as registration. Screen printing is an excellent choice for hoodies or t- shirts. For absolute screen printing Business Name is an ideal company in Kansas City, MO.