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If you are interested in custom Glock barrels, you have come to the right place. Our products are priced and designed to be useful for your personal defense needs. If a criminal or cruel person assaults you, you will be prepared to defend yourself with an upgraded pistol. Think about what you should do if your pistol barrel is getting old. You do not want to let it rust away. That would be a shame. Get it upgraded today.

Custom Glock barrels are just the thing to make potential threats squirm. Having an upgraded gun is wise and useful for defense. We thankfully live in a country that gives its citizens the right to have a gun. That freedom makes you a less desirable target for pickpockets and scoundrels.

Imagine that you are walking along the sidewalk. You notice that your gun barrel is getting old. You decide to replace it. You have a concealed carry license. You buy from True Precision. We get you an upgraded gun barrel to fit your needs. That barrel has the option of being threaded or non-threaded. You decide to pick non-threaded. After your purchase, you encounter a criminal. The criminal wants you to give up your money. You gently pull out your gun and tell them to stop. You then call the police. Your pistol upgrade was just the thing to stop a crime from happening.

True Precision, INC wants to help you get the gun upgrade you need. Call us at 000-000-0000.