Cosmetic Dentistry: Creating The Perfect Smile

Today, technology and skilled dentists make it possible for everyone to have that dreamed about smile. Cosmetic dentistry is capable of taking crooked and bad teeth and replacing them with attractive, straight ones. Using one of the many options, they can even replace missing teeth. They can help their clients once again smile attractively and with confidence.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist will offer you various options. These will depend upon the condition of your teeth, gums and jawbone, your general health, the desired result and your budget and/or dental plan. Consultation is essential if you are to obtain the results you want. A dentist will perform the necessary examination and tests and present you with the available options. While several potential procedures may improve your smile, three remain popular. These are:

1. Teeth Whitening and/or Bleaching: Cosmetic dentistry may involve the application of various whitening/bleaching agents to improve the color and brightness of the teeth. Some dental facilities perform this type of work in-office. They generally combine the use of a whitening agent with a light to produce can the right effect. This takes more than a single visit to obtain the required result.

Some dentists provide clients with whitening kits. They take these home. By carefully following the instructions, they can achieve the desired whiter, brighter teeth. Like in-office procedures, the whitening of teeth occurs over time.

2. Implants: For those who have lost teeth or need to replace stumps and other flaws, the dentist has the perfect answer. He or she inserts small titanium posts into the existing jawbone structure. The dentist then places a bridge, denture or artificial tooth over top. The result is teeth that appear to be real

3. Veneers (Laminates): Veneers are thin pieces of composite a dentist attaches to prepared existing teeth to produce a bright smile
Smiles are important. Cosmetic dentistry can make sure yours is one people remember for all the right reasons.

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