Coordinate, Don’t Match: A Guide to Picking the Best Colors for Your House

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

It is no surprise that the paint color of your house is an important decision. It will be the base of all of your future design choices, and it can a great upgrade to your space. There are some things to think about before you rush out to hire your house painters in San Antonio. Picking out your color palette is a fun and creative part of painting, and requires some thought.

Overall House

The overall style of the house should not change drastically between rooms. While keeping things from being copies, it is important to have some parts spill over. This keeps everything smooth and tied together, it is the same house after all. This can be accomplished in a few different ways, and using a range of transition methods between rooms avoids being boring. It is common to keep one color common between rooms. Open designs help with this, as you can use one color for all the connecting walls. For more closed off rooms, like bedrooms, having one of the accent colors be similar to the color in the hallway keeps things flowing. A dark green accent in a bedroom, when the hallway is a light forest green is a great example of coordination.

Specific Rooms

Once you get an idea of what your house’s overall color palette is going to look like, you can move on to picking the individual colors for the rooms. Using color chips is very important. Colors that sound like they will go well together might not work out, and you might also find some different color combinations that work nicely. It is also important to take the chips home. The lighting in your house can dramatically change how colors look. This also means you need to make sure your color combinations look good in the day, with natural light, and at night with artificial lighting.

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