Contact a Drug Possession Attorney in Gonzales, LA When You’ve Been Arrested

If someone’s been arrested for drug possession, the criminal charges they face could be inappropriate. Often times, the crime will be charged at a higher level in the hope the accused will plea bargain to a lesser charge. Someone could be charged with the intent to distribute drugs instead of possession. This is also a hard charge to determine when a police officer is making the arrest. Sorting through the facts of the case can only be done by a drug possession attorney in Gonzales, LA. After reviewing what actually happened and talking with witnesses, they will do everything in their power to have the charges dropped or reduced.

Drug convictions will remain on someone’s criminal record for a lifetime. A felony is a very serious charge that many employers will refuse to hire someone over. Fortunately for someone that’s been accused of drug possession, Louisiana may allow them to be convicted of a crime that isn’t as serious. In lieu of going to prison, they will have to submit to education, treatment, regular drug testing, and probation. The diversion program requires the knowledge and skill of a drug possession attorney in Gonzales, LA. This program is a much better option than being incarcerated and paying high fines.

If someone has been arrested for heroin, cocaine, possession of meth, or a controlled dangerous substance without a prescription, they shouldn’t rely on themselves or a public defender to fight for their rights. The attorney will try to reduce the impact the accused and their family could suffer by a trial or prison time. Laws recently changed to make drug sentences harsher. If the accused is convicted of their third or more conviction, the judge must sentence them to jail. Felony drug charges are very complex and can change very quickly. Nevertheless, an attorney will be aware of these change and inform the client of their various legal options.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney is necessary. Future charges or previous charges will compound the penalty if you’re convicted. Get more information about hiring an attorney to defend you.