Consult an Estate Planning Attorney in Sacramento

Writing a will enables a person to name a guardian for their minor children in case both of the parents die in an accident or the surviving parent is unable or unwilling to care for them. Although this is a relatively rare circumstance, the potential for fighting within the family over who will care for these children is higher when the parents don’t consider the fact that this could happen to them. By simply deciding who they would like to raise their children, confirming it with that person or couple, and documenting it in a will, parents may be able to ensure their children are put into a stable family following their untimely death.

An Estate Planning Attorney in Sacramento families trust might help parents put their wishes in writing so they don’t have to worry about what could happen to their children if they are even killed or incapacitated in an accident. There is one other thing a will is especially useful for that could help people who don’t think they need to write a will because they haven’t accumulated a lot of wealth. In fact, more families are likely to argue over small items than they are real estate or large sums of cash. It’s the small sentimental items that can’t be managed with a payable on death clause or joint ownership that cause the most tension when a person dies unexpectedly. Listing these items and the names of the person who should receive them could help reduce conflict and allow family members to grieve. An Estate Planning Attorney Sacramento families turn to most may help a client determine which items they own that should be accounted for in their will.

Working with an Estate Planning Attorney Sacramento residents use most for this service could help their family members experience their loss without having to fight over guardianship of children and mementos.