Considering Options For An MBBS Abroad Scholarship

Students in India are all too familiar with the challenges of earning a seat in a private or public university MBBS program in the country. To ensure a seat at a top medical college or university, many students choose to complete their MBBS abroad.

Completing an MBBS abroad requires attention to detail as to the specifics of the program. Many medical colleges in countries around the world are not appropriately recognized or accredited. Many Caribbean Medical Colleges do not offer clinical rotations at ACGME approved teaching hospitals, which means graduates find it almost impossible to complete PG in the United States, India, or many other countries.

In addition to challenges with international medical schools and universities in some countries, there is also the issue of the additional costs involved in living abroad. Choosing a medical college or university that offers an MBBS abroad scholarship helps to offset these additional costs.

Amount of the Scholarship

Most of the options in an MBBS abroad scholarship for Indian students are very limited in the funding provided through a scholarship. It is also common for these scholarships to be awarded in a specific year and only in that year, limiting the amount the student can obtain throughout the years of their study.

There is also the option to earn an MBBS abroad scholarship that provides a substantial reduction in tuition over the course of the MBBS program. When combined with the ability to complete a PG in the USA, these scholarships allow students to pay off their degree during their paid PG experience.
Graduates of these programs with this scholarship move into their professional careers as a doctor in the United States, India, or in other countries around the world completely free of student loan debt.

Zordha offers a comprehensive MBBS abroad scholarship for qualifying students attending medical schools in the Caribbean.

Some of the Best MBBS Abroad Colleges which provides MBBS Scholarships for Indian Students :-

Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine, St. Lucia
Avalon University, School of Medicine Curacao
American University of Antigua, College of Medicine Antigua