Consider Aluminum for Your Driveway Entrance Gate and Fencing

Aluminum driveway entrance gates not only secure your property but also add curb appeal and value to your property. Moreover, your aluminum driveway gate can be matched with aluminum fencing to further add to both your property’s curb appeal and you home and family security.

Lightweight, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant aluminum can be powder coated in nearly any color you like. Your aluminum driveway gate and fencing can add a pop of vibrant color, or blend with its surroundings. You can choose wide or narrow slats arranged vertically for a traditional look, or horizontally for a more modern look. The slat gaps can also be adjusted for enhanced privacy versus visibility.

Lightweight recycled aluminum is also safer than wrought iron since it is far less likely to sag or pull off its pillars. Unlike wood, your aluminum gates and fencing will never rot or decay. Finally, aluminum is far sturdier than vinyl fencing. In fact, the type of aluminum alloy used in fencing is as strong as structural steel.

Aluminum driveway entrance gates also makes a statement about who you are and help you add a bit of personal character to your property. Aluminum fencing and gates are not only stylish, but they are also eco-friendly. Up to 75% of aluminum is recycled, helping to keep the environment pristine. By using aluminum to protect your property, you are also helping to protect the environment.

Aluminum gates and fencing is the modern, environmentally-friendly way to protect your home or business.

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