Comprehensive Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington, Florida

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Pest Control

Weed control, fertilization, and mowing are the tasks most associated with Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida. What a lot of property owners do not think of is pest control for the lawn and ornamental plants.

Whiteflies and Fungus

One pest, whiteflies, are a menace that sucks the sap out of vegetation and ornamental plant leaves. They are found on the underside of the leaves, so they are not always noticed until leaves turn yellow or die.

A fungus is another detriment to lawns that goes unnoticed until severe damage is done. Controlling fungus is one of the many options for Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida. Root feeding is another to keep plants and trees strong and healthy.


Mice, voles, and rats will often make nests in shrubs, tall grass, and large commercial fields. That large hotel in the middle of town with the immense front lawn will probably have mice and voles everywhere. Comprehensive services for the lawn can eliminate these pests that may be tempted to enter the business when the weather gets colder.

Outdoor and Indoor Services

Although most services will take place outdoors, Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida can also include indoor services for ornamental plants and seasonal decorations. Poinsettias, lilies, garland, shrubs, and other live plants are often used to enhance office building lobbies, malls, and resorts.

Some experienced companies, such as Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington, Florida offer free pest inspections for lawns. Services can be arranged separately, provided in packages to save money, or even in a combination of packages to save even more money on the care of the property.

Other Pests

Termites, insects, bed bugs, and spiders can also present problems in and outside of a residence, apartment complex, commercial, or industrial property. In most cases, owners are not aware of the problem. Signs, if there are any, are often overlooked because they mimic minor building issues. Damage from termites, for example, looks like slight water damage to floors, ceilings, and walls.

Proactive measures can save owners and managers time and money. Consult professionals to determine which services are appropriate for the setting, climate, and time of year. Prevention or early detection is more cost-effective than eradication.

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