Comparing Options For Minneapolis Kitchen Countertops Renovations

The two rooms of the home that are most often renovated are the kitchen and the bathroom. These two rooms can quickly become dated and old looking if the original Minneapolis builder was using trendy rather than classic materials and design options.

However, it can be easy to take those out of style, vintage or retro types of kitchens and turn them into beautiful modern and classically designed kitchens that will never be out of style again. An important consideration in your design will be the choice of kitchen countertops to develop the colors, the theme, and the style.

There are several options in kitchen countertops that can be classic and will not look dated. Other options will be trendy at different times and with different hot styles, but they may not be classic. To be a classic style of countertop it has to be durable, stand up to the wear and tear of a kitchen and to also hold its value while also being low maintenance.


Wood countertops are a classic option and can be a great look in many homes. The biggest problem with wood is that it is a material that is soft and, even when sealed and coated, it can scratch, cut and even burn from hot pots and pans placed on the surface.

Wood also poses the greatest risk of cross-contamination if the wood is not correctly sealed or if cuts or nicks expose the wood and bacteria gets into the porous organic material.


Tile is another classic option for countertops, but it has the continual problem of grout mold, mildew, and discoloring. While there are sealants for grout, they have to be applied frequently, and grout can still discolor. Tiles also can be prone to cracking or breaking with banging, hot pots or even cutting directly on the surface.

Natural Stone

The most durable, beautiful and value-added option to consider in kitchen countertops for any Minneapolis home is natural stone. These countertops may be marble, granite or quartz as well as other options in natural stone.

Durable, long lasting and extremely resilient, these are the countertops that will provide decades of style and quality with very limited maintenance required.