Common Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL

Despite the regular maintenance you give to your AC appliance, they won’t last forever. Just like any other home appliance, AC will tear and wear down after time. For many homeowners in Florida, knowing when to replace AC is quite a challenge. Since you don’t want inconveniences, especially during unbearable weather, the following signs will know the right time for a new air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL.

An Old AC System

Generally, the lifespan of AIR Conditioning units does vary. However, with proper maintenance, they can comfortably serve you for about 20 years. If you suspect your unit has outlived its lifespan, then you should consider buying a new unit.

Strange Noise

All AC will produce some sound when operating. However, when you suddenly start to experience strange noise, such as buzzing, rattling, screeching, or grinding, that should raise the alarm. Depending on the severity of the noise, your AC may either need a repair or replacement.

Poor Airflow

If, after turning your AC on, you realize it’s not blowing hot or cool air, then it could have some problems. There are several factors that will contribute to this effect. While some causes can be grave and costly, you may want to buy a new AC unit for efficiency.

Increased Energy Bills

After using your AC for a long, you probably know the average cost of the energy you pay monthly. If you notice your recent bills to be higher than normal, your AC may be the culprit. When your AC is old or broken, it will use more energy to keep things working.

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