Common Questions A Patient Needs to Ask a Chiropractor

Many people are chiro-curious, having heard their friends rave about a treatment, or hearing about what chiropractic services can do for neck or back pain but without really knowing what a chiropractor does. Unfortunately, most patients come to a chiropractor when things get really bad, when the pain starts to get unbearable and conventional treatments are no longer working. When you are ready to try chiropractic, knowing the right questions to ask can help you alleviate anxiety and arm yourself with knowledge.

1. Is chiropractic right for me? This is the first question any patient will want to know, especially those new to chiropractic. A chiropractic doctor should be able to offer a free initial consultation to see what your issues are, your health history, and what you expect to get out of chiropractic.

2. What techniques do you use? Some chiropractors use multiple techniques and complementary interventions. If you express your needs explicitly in the first session, the chiropractor will be able to suggest or use the techniques that are perfect for you. Also some chiropractors use strong manipulation techniques that can be difficult for some patients to tolerate, so it is best to express your tolerance of pain at the beginning.

3. What are your background and credentials? Ideally, these credentials are displayed prominently and proudly on the chiropractor’s website and in the office, but it helps to get a broad picture of the person’s background so you know that the treatment you receive is top-notch.

4. How much will it cost and how do I pay? A good chiropractor will disclose all fees up front and will help you understand how to receive insurance reimbursements for your treatment.