Common Faucet Designs That Can Be Installed by a Plumbing Contractor

A Plumbing Contractor can replace an existing faucet and handle configuration with another device in areas such as the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs. However, the current application may be entirely different than what the homeowner has in mind for a change, meaning the plumber must do some extra work. For instance, consider a bathtub or shower with a single-handle device that increases the temperature at the same time it increases water flow volume. More work is required to replace this with a double-handle model than with a similar version.

A few designs are the most common, but they are available in a broad range of styles. That allows homeowners to have the type of faucet function they prefer along with fixtures that enhance the look of the room. For example, a kitchen or bathroom faucet application may have one opening where a single-handle faucet is installed. Another common application has the faucet in the middle and a handle on either side for separate hot and cold water flow. If the handles are four inches apart, this is called a center set model if it has a deck, and a mini spread if it doesn’t. Models with the handles eight inches apart are called widespread.

Homeowners can choose a taller model for a single-handle faucet if they like the style better. However, they must measure how much space there is above the sink. A low-hung cabinet might interfere. It’s usually no problem for a plumbing contractor such as Laney’s to swap out a taller faucet for a shorter one. More information on this particular plumber is available at the website.

Before arranging for a Plumbing Contractor to install a different faucet system, homeowners should consider not only the appearance value of the equipment but who will be using them. A frequent visitor who suffers from arthritic hands, for instance, may have trouble turning handles and would do better with a lever style that is easily moved. A lever style that must be gripped to turn it is unsuitable for this person. Little children also may have difficulty turning handles that must be firmly gripped.