Commercial Heating And Cooling Service: What It Covers?

Heating and cooling systems are now used in almost every building. Controlling the temperature inside a building is essential for the comfort of its inhabitants, and is primarily done through heaters and air conditioning units. Most commercial buildings use HVAC units, which offer heating and cooling in a centralized unit. The centralized unit is installed on the roof of the building. It has a large fan that pulls in air from the environment, cools and purifies it, and then sends it in through the building via air ducts. From time to time, you will need to have commercial heating and cooling service performed to maintain the efficiency of your system and keep it running smoothly.


The heating engineers will start the commercial heating and cooling service with a thorough inspection of the whole unit. They will test the quality of the air, and will inspect the ducts to see whether they require cleaning or not. All of the different components within the HVAC unit will be tested to determine whether or not they are operating at optimal standards. Timely inspections can resolve a great deal of issues and keep your system running efficiently for many years to come.


From time to time, different parts of the HVAC system will need to be cleaned. Commercial heating and cooling service also includes cleaning of the air ducts, the ventilation grilles, and the filters that are used in the HVAC unit. This helps to keep things running smoothly, and also ensures that your HVAC unit doesn’t begin to heat up. The refrigerant levels will also be checked to ensure that the unit isn’t drawing too much power and that there is no leakage in the pipes. Companies such as Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling, offer detailed servicing for commercial HVAC units. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.