Commercial Cleaning Companies in Bellingham WA Provide Service for Residential and Business Clients

Full-service Commercial Cleaning Companies in Bellingham WA work on projects for residential and business customers. They have regular customers who they do work for on a schedule and others for whom they provide occasional or one-time service. Homeowners might want a thorough cleaning of the place when are about to list it for sale, for example. Some business customers would like the windows washed and the blinds cleaned twice a year.

Why Residential Clients Choose Commercial Cleaners

Homeowners and renters of large apartments increasingly are hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies in Bellingham WA to do their housekeeping tasks instead of hiring individual workers offering the service. They know that the commercial businesses will tend to be more reliable, especially when those enterprises are established with a large number of customers. They want to be certain the workers will be diligent and efficient, and 100-percent trustworthy.

With so many men and women working long hours at their careers and having a two-income family, they find they have very little time to keep their place sparkling clean and tidied up. They want to spend their free hours doing something fun or pursuing another activity. They might like to travel and camp on weekends, for instance, or they might be working on a side business as part-time entrepreneurs.

Apartment Complexes and Communities

Owners and property managers of large apartment complexes and communities may hire a commercial cleaning service for certain tasks as well. They may want each apartment cleaned after the tenants move out unless the place looks spotless. Cleaning of the public areas like entryways and hallways also can be done on a schedule.

Cleaning Service in Business Environments

Companies like Frontline Cleaning Services & Supplies also provide expert service to businesses such as offices, manufacturing plants, retail stores and many other organizations. They dust hard surfaces, mop floors and vacuum carpets on a regular schedule. They can shampoo or steam clean carpeting upon request or a specific number of times per year. Thorough cleaning of hard flooring surfaces may need to be done frequently in buildings that get a great deal of foot traffic from customers.