Colorado Springs Construction Companies Meet the Need for Design-Build Model

A design-build model for commercial construction is helping to bridge client partnerships with Colorado Springs construction companies. This innovative approach to large scale construction projects provides comprehensive planning through each stage of conception to save time, money, and headaches.

Colorado Springs Construction Companies Embrace Design-Build

From the very start of a project, all parties involved work together as a collaborative team to resolve potential complications prior to breaking ground. With the client, architectures, contractors and subcontractors all working as one entity, there are fewer unforeseen challenges.

Among the greatest benefit of the design-build model is the cost-saving factor. With the contractor onboard from the conceptual design, the construction company helps to keep the project on budget while the architecture finalizes the plans. This reduces the occurrence of unexpected design and construction cost conflictions as pricing is available using real-time marketplace figures.

With the contractor involved in the conversation upfront, key elements to the project are addressed early on to provide value engineering and a pricing perspective through every phase of the project. This also eliminates the need for bidding from contractors, which often come back over budget.

One team taking a collaborative approach allows each person to play a vital role through all stages of development to foster effective communication. All-in-all, the design-build model with Colorado Springs construction companies provides flexibility during conception to save time and money for on-time project completion. iiCON Construction Group specializes in design-build to help turn project design into tangible results with uncompromised quality.