Class Up Your Ride With Vertini Wheels

Special vehicles, particularly luxury imports, deserve to have top of the line aftermarket rims. If you own a luxury German or Japanese sedan or full sized luxury car, you will certainly want to take a look at the different styles of Vertini wheels.

These are also ideal wheels for a wide range of North American luxury sedans and other imports. Durable, high-performance wheels in both staggered and non staggered options make these a great option for replacing existing aftermarket rims or replacing the OEM rims and wheels.

While you do have options in the mass produced types of aftermarket rims and wheels, having that extra touch of attention to detail in all the design elements of Vertini wheels will make a difference. These wheels are classic and elegant while also sporty and stylish, and they add to the look of the vehicle, never distracting or becoming too much for the car.

Classic Designs

Just because Vertini wheels are all based on classic designs doesn’t mean they are boring or old looking in their style. These wheels are a perfect match for a new vehicle, but they also look terrific on older models of luxury imported vehicles.

The designs tend to feature the classic solid spokes in five, seven, eight, and ten spoke designs. Many of the rims feature a concave design that adds to the look of the wheels while also adding depth.

Choices to Consider

When selecting Vertini wheels you have the option of matte silver, black, gold, and silver rims. The matte black colored wheels often have a machined face, giving a two color look to the rims that is easy to maintain while always stylish and versatile. Slate gray wheels are also terrific color options and blend well with any vehicle body color and style.

Most of the Vertini wheels are sold as staggered, with the back wheels in the four piece set slightly larger and wider than the front. This only adds to the handling ability of the vehicle while also providing better traction and control on any type of road and in any weather conditions.

The options in these wheels, and the classic style, are a natural match for the import luxury sedans. The wheels look like they were specially designed for the vehicle, which is one reason they are so popular as aftermarket options.