Choosing a Unique Setting for Assisted Living in Waldorf MD

Many seniors struggle with the decision of moving to an assisted living facility because they feel they will be cooped up in a hospital-like setting with nothing to do. Most facilities are actually not managed in this way, and allow residents plenty of space and activities to complete. Those who want something more unique can choose a farm facility. Farm Assisted Living in Waldorf MD is available for those who want to choose a unique setting to stay at for their last years.

Horses and Other Animals

Most assisted living locations do not allow pets, let alone have horses wandering around outside. A farm assisted living facility has horses for the residents to pet, as well as a variety of other animals. They are all available for the residents to see when they head outside for some outdoor activity.

Outdoor Activities

With several acres of land found on a farm, there is plenty of outdoor activities for residents to participate in. Benches are available for people to simply sit and relax, or they can take the winding paths for a nice walk. Bird watching and gardening are a couple of other activities recommended. The farm offers a peaceful setting for everyone to enjoy.

Same Services Provided

While the setting may be unique, a farm facility still offers the same important services that any other location offers. This means residents can receive medical attention when needed from the on-site doctor. There are also nurses on staff to manage care. They will help to administer medication, check vital signs, and even assist with daily housework and personal care routines if needed.

Assisted Vs. Independent Living

There are two options available at an assisted living location. The first is in the name. Assisted living services will be offered in this location of the farm, with medical services provided and rooms cleaned. The other area offers apartments for independent living. Residents will get to maintain their independence and manage their own housework and personal care, while still having access to medical care as needed.

Choosing Assisted Living in Waldorf MD does not have to mean finding a typical nursing home to live out remaining days. A farm assisted living center offers a unique setting where outdoor activities and animals are available. Visit Taylor Farm Assisted Living to learn more about the services and activities they offer.